THE FIELD OF DREAMS – An Economic Survey of the United States Hemp Cultivation Industry

This report examines the Unites States hemp cultivation industry post signing of the 2018 Farm Bill. It is based on a survey of licensed hemp cultivators and processors from across the U.S. and examines topics related to operations, investment, labor, wages, capacity, pricing as well as policy. It is meant to serve as a baseline for others to build upon …

Pew Research study quoting Beau Whitney covered by USA Today

I was quoted in the USA Today last week. I have been a peer reviewer on some of these large research reports…. one for the OLCC that went to the Oregon legislature in February and then one for Pew Research. This is the one from Pew Research.

Recommendations provided by Beau Whitney to Zimbabwean Governmental officials while at InterCannAlliance African Symposium influencing cannabis policy.

While in Zimbabwe, I had an hour-long conversation with the attaché to the President. During our conversation I outlined many economic and regulatory related issues associated with deploying cannabis and industrial hemp in Zimbabwe and sub-Saharan Africa. It appears that many of the recommendations we discussed are being adopted there. In my New Frontier Data blog from this weekend, we …

Whitney Economics mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

Big news. My work on cannabis jobs was quoted in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. “Over the past several years, 33 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., have adopted laws that allow adults to smoke pot for recreation or to treat medical conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, fueling the rise of thousands of new businesses. At least 200,000 Americans now work …

Beau Whitney presents at ICBC Conference in Berlin

Great conference and speech in Berlin yesterday. Germany is a $10 billion cannabis market, but only a small portion is legal. Hemp is strong too. The speech was well received and valued by the audience. Once again there were simultaneous translators. Still getting used to that aspect of my speech giving.

Leafly and Whitney Economics Publish U.S. Cannabis Jobs Report

Whitney Economics contributed insights and observations on this report. I also peer reviewed the job calculations for methodological soundness.

Whitney does media interview for outlet in Australia

Just did a media interview with a group from Sydney, Australia. It was on the viability of a medical cannabis industry in Australia. I think I have now officially been quoted on every continent except for Antarctica. Still boggles my mind when I think about that.

Leafly and Whitney Economics Collaborate on a U.S. Cannabis Jobs Report

Special Report: 2019 Cannabis Jobs Count is available only at Leafly. The main report offers a national overview of direct employment as well as indirect positions and jobs induced by the legal cannabis industry. We also offer data about tax revenue in legal states, growth predictions for 2019, salary ranges for the most in-demand cannabis jobs, and tips on getting hired. The report’s appendix offers a state-by-state analysis of market size, growth, and job numbers.

Beau Whitney gives speech in Panama to cannabis investors and governmental officials from Latin America

Speaking here in Panama at the inaugural InterCannAlliance conference founded by New Frontier Data. First time for me where there are simultaneous translators. Many countries sent their Ministry members. Have to admit I am a little nervous given the audience. The audience has been very engaged and values the depth and breath of the insights, observations and recommendations we are …