Beau Whitney

Business Operations Expert, Economist

Prior to founding Whitney economics, Beau Whitney spent 15 years as a business analyst in the high tech industry, honing the ability to analyze a business and make both strategic and tactical decisions in fast paced, high growth environments. Beau has a BA in mathematics from Macalester College and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Beau is also a professor of economics and a member of both the American Economic Association (AEA) and the national Association of Business Economics (NABE) and is the Portland chapter president of the NABE.



2017 ArcView Market Research, Chief Economist (BDS Analytics, 03/17)
2017 New Frontier Data, Senior Economist (04/17)


Public testimony presenting a tax revenue forecast for the Oregon cannabis market on measure 91 the adult use cannabis legalization referendum in Oregon (07/30/14)
Provided testimony to the Oregon state legislature on adopting a point of sales tax versus a weight based tax (05/20/15)
Provided testimony to the Oregon state joint legislative committee for implementing measure 91 on the total projected demand (in pounds) of cannabis flower in the state of Oregon (06/03/15)
Testimony to the joint legislative committee on implementing measure 91 (06-15-15)
Public testimony to Marion County Board of Commissioners on the economic impact of a proposed moratorium (02/02/16)
A survey based research project on retail cannabis jobs in Oregon (03/2015). Findings featured in USA Today and Associated Press Wire
Presented at the Western Economic Association International (WEAI) conference in Portland, Oregon (06/30/16)
An analysis of the Washington State cannabis market and the proposed expansion to 522 retail outlets. Presented at a conference in Bellevue, Washington (08/09/16)
An economic analysis of ballot measure “O” to allocate specific areas of the city of San Bernardino for cannabis business development (08/22/16)
Analysis of the economic impact of test changes on supply and tax revenues (12/02/16)
Presented to the Oregon House Committee on Economic Development and Trade (02/22/17)
An analysis of proposed legislation to increase Oregon cannabis taxes by 5%. Demonstrated the resulting illicit market increase and overall tax decrease.
Examined increased test costs on wholesale and retail prices and the correlation to the decrease in Oregon tax revenue (04/02/17)
Provided analysis to Oregon state Judiciary Committee on a proposed legislation on an Oregon interstate cannabis compact bill. (04/17/17)